With Diane Sawyer making the jump to host ABC’s World News Tonight on Dec. 18th, there’s a spot open on the Good Morning America team. Sources say George Stephanopoulos — ABC’s chief Washington correspondent, and the only man whose head of hair sometimes rivals that of Rod Blagojevich — is seriously considering the gig. Is this a good idea?

Although I haven’t been a regular consumer of morning-show culture since Kathie Lee bailed on Regis, Steffie (as he will be called for ease of spelling from here on out) certainly seems well-suited to the gig. Given all the camera time he’s scored since 1993’s The War Room made celebrities out of him and fellow Clinton staffer James Carville, the guy certainly knows his way around the sort of shiny, chummy chat-fest scenarios GMA presents. He’s also got the chops to match Sawyer’s hard news abilities, and already hosts his own ABC morning show, This Week with George Stephanopoulos, which airs on Sunday mornings and is refreshingly free of cooking segments. Steffie is reportedly planning to keep that gig no matter what, which means his small-screen ubiquity could soon rival that of infomercials and college basketball. But will I tune in? Eh. Probably not.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Is George Stephanopoulos someone you want to wake up to every day but Saturday? And if Steffie doesn’t take the job, who should?