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It is fair to say that Daryl Hall wasn’t exactly glued to last’s night Grammy TV special, at which it was announced that he and John Oates were nominated in the “Best performance by a duo or group with vocals” category for a live version of their 1976 hit “Sara Smile.” “I didn’t even know the nominations were happening,” says the blue-eyed soul man. “I found out when my manager called me. It was a big surprise.” One reason Hall wasn’t all that interested in the Grammys? The Grammys have never been all that interested in him. In fact, Hall has only been nominated twice and has never won. That’s right: Daryl Hall has never won a Grammy! What have the Recording Academy been thinking all these years? “You ask them,” laughs the singer.

After the jump, Hall sizes up some of the other Grammy nominees and bars your writer from ever visiting his house. Boo!

Entertainment Weekly: The other acts in your category are the Black Eyed Peas, Bon Jovi, the Fray, and MGMT. Are you familiar with all of them?

Daryl Hall: Yeah. I haven’t heard their particular performances that were nominated. But I’m glad I was nominated for a live performance. Maybe my best work has been on a stage.

Are you going to win?

Who knows, man? I can’t get inside their heads. Let’s see what happens.

Another big category is Album of the Year, in which the nominees are Beyonce, the Black Eyes Peas, Lady Gaga, Dave Matthews Band, and Taylor Swift. Do you have any opinion about any of them?

I like Beyonce. That category runs the gamut. To me, there’s two kinds of music these days. There’s ephemeral music, and there’s music that has lasting power and depth. And I think that those nominees exhibit both sides.

Will you be attending the ceremony (which will be broadcast live on CBS on Sunday, January 31 at 8 p.m. ET/PT)?

I have a show in Jamaica the same day, supposedly. So, unless I do some schedule shifting, I won’t be there. But one never knows.

Be careful coming back through customs!

There you go, man.

You have your own web show called, Live from Daryl’s House, which you actually film at your home, and which features you playing with other famous musicians. Has anyone ever stolen anything?

[Laughs] You’re the first person that’s ever asked that. And that’s something that I’ve been so worried about over the years! No, no, everybody that comes, if they’re not family, they become family. Nothing has gone missing yet.

If I was invited to your house I would totally steal something as a memento.

You’re barred out, bro.

I haven’t really been following it. That was another surprise. When I went on the show I did not expect her to go that route. It’s just nice to have that kind of enthusiasm for what I’ve been doing over the years.

My advice to you over the Hall of Fame would be to say “F— ‘em.”

Yeah, well. I have a lot of complicated feelings about them.

It’s been a big Hall and Oates year: the Grammy nom, the box set, “You Make My Dreams” was showcased in (500) Days of Summer, and then there was your cameo on the Cleveland Show.

It ebbs and flows. But when it flows, I make the most of it. Sometimes people become interested in what I’m doing. And maybe some times they’re disinterested. I think the people that are the taste makers…

That’s me!

[Laughs] Yeah, you guys seem to be very respectful now, and it wasn’t always thus.

And what’s the situation these days with John Oates’ mustache? I heard he’s grown it back.

He has a really cool one. I saw him yesterday and he has this sort of Fu Manchu thing going with a little soul patch in the middle. At first I looked at him like, ‘Whoah!’ Then I said, you know, that looks really good. It’s nothing like his ‘80s ‘stache. He’s a changed man.

At least he’s not going with “the Hitler,” which I think would be a mistake.

No, he’s definitely not going with “the Hitler.” [Laughs]

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