In Ben Stiller’s world even charity is ripe for parody. Such is the case with, the newly launched website for Stiller’s partnership with Save the Children. The site will feature a series of viral videos aimed at raising money and awareness for the Save the Children’s Ceverine Community School Project in Haiti. In the first video Stiller takes on his friend, and uber-fundraiser, Lance Armstrong — directly asking the Tour de France champion to wear a Stillerstong head band in support of his charity. Stiller also has a spot on the site with Owen Wilson, where the actor begrudgingly takes one of Stiller’s goofy headbands for himself–and his dog.

The whole thing may feel really jokey but Stiller is serious about raising the money. He says, “With Save the Children, because I assume they know how to save kids, we are raising money to expand the school, dig a drinking water well there, and set up a self sustainable crop field to help the residents keep the school going for years to come. It’s only one school, but hopefully our efforts will lead to greater awareness for the education needs of the children in Haiti. If not, maybe it will bring the headband back into fashion.” Check it out and let us know what you plan to rock the headband anytime soon.