Credit: Reutrers/Stefano Rellandini/Landov

Apparently, Matthew McConaughey seems to have quite the career-changing effect on those around him, and this week has proven pretty sweet for his nearest and dearest. On Monday, it was announced that the “unbelievable” life of his brother, Mike a.k.a. “Rooster,” is being turned into an animated series, and now Matthew’s significant other, model and handbag designer Camilla Alves, has been named the new host of Bravo’s Shear Genius, which debuts its third season Feb. 3.

Some might say Alves got her handbag line and hosting gig through her own merit. Others (yes, I’m raising my hand) may be a little more skeptical. Being attached to the the hunky actor can’t hurt her business proposal.

But the larger, more important question is: When will we see McConaughey ink an entertainment deal for his amazingly adorable son Levi? May we suggest playing Diego in the live action version of Dora the Explorer?

What do you guys think of the McConaughey’s selling charm/nepotism? And do you think Alves will make a good host or will you miss Jaclyn Smith? Sound off!

Photo: Reuters/Stefano Rellandini/Landov