I’m usually a big ‘ole Grinch about holidays (and normal days for that matter), but this year I find myself especially in the mood for carols, decorations and all things ”in the spirit.” And, as always, my TV is there to give me what I desire — even if what I seek is corny programming with cheery songs that give me awful flashbacks to my high school holiday choir concerts.

Despite my holiday song PTSD, I’m putting Christmas in Rockefeller Center on my Must List this week. Michael Buble, Aretha Franklin, Alicia Keys and Shakira will be among the performers. I’m even dragging my Texas-born butt out into the cold tomorrow for a chance to see the ceremony live (it airs tonight on NBC), which will be hosted by 30 Rock‘s Jane Krakowski and Chuck‘s Zachary Levi. And on Sunday, I’m going to leave the comfort of my living room to find a TV with cable so I can watch Invasion of the Christmas Lights on TLC.

I’m not ashamed of my holiday spirit or the fact that I’m hankering for Christmas even though we’ve barely tip-toed into December. What about you? Has any holiday programming/music/TV/books made it on your Must List yet? Tell us about it below! Those of you Musting non-holiday things can sound off, too! Deadline is Thursday at noon ET. Please include an e-mail address so we can contact you if your pick makes it into the magazine!