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I'm not usually a morbid person, but I've been screaming "Kill Mohinder Suresh!" in the general direction of my TV for almost four seasons now. As Heroes started to go downhill, the bland scientist (played by Sendhil Ramamurthy) began to symbolize everything that was so bad about a show that used to be so good. His only real character trait was the amazing power to always make friends with the wrong people. Worse still, his narration bookended every episode with insipid, subtle-as-a-brick-to-the-head thematic talk that made Meredith Grey sound like Shakespeare.

Although still listed as a series regular, Ramamurthy has been mostly absent this season, except for one terrible episode that teased viewers with a Mohinder death scene but then copped out (thanks, time travel!). However, The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Ramamurthy has been cast in the dramedy pilot Rex Is Not Your Lawyer, starring (geekgasm!) Dr. Who's David Tennant as an attorney who starts suffering from panic attacks.

Does this mean that Mohinder will soon be gone for good? An NBC rep tells EW that "Rex is just a pilot right now, so [Ramamurthy] is still on Heroes," and clarifies that "Rex is in second position to Heroes." In other words, there's a possibility Ramamurthy could potentially pull an Elizabeth Mitchell, who's currently starring on V, yet is also slated to appear on the upcoming final season of Lost. But why not cut the man loose already? I've never seen any of Ramamurthy's work outside Heroes, but I'm optimistic that he could flourish in the dramedic world of Rex. Pessimists could argue Ramamurthy has never very good at capturing the supposed gravitas of Heroes, but the show's writing team has put Mohinder through so many complete personality shifts that I doubt any actor could've made the character believable. (Well, Adrian Pasdar could have; RIP, Nathan Petrelli.)

So my questions to you are these: Would you watch Ramamurthy if you didn't have to believe he was a scientific genius? And more to the point: if Mohinder were indeed to leave Heroes, how should he make his exit? I've got a few ideas! Travel back in time to become his own murdered father. Die right in the middle of delivering a speech about the nature of humanity. Live happily ever after in the lost city of Atlantis. Develop the power of flight, turn the world back in time to when Heroes was good, and then die of exhaustion. Die heroically rescuing the rest of the cast from a burning cruise ship.

What's your dream scenario for booting Mohinder, PopWatchers? And Mohinder fans out there, can you justify in 25 words or less why he's not the worst character ever?

Image Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBC

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