My eeeeyes. My….eyes. This photo of Lady Gaga and Baba Wawa can only mean one thing: nuclear winter It’s time for Barbara Walters’ most fascinating people of the year special! Which also means it’s time for each of us to think, just for a moment, about the definition of “fascinating.”

Per “tradition,” ABC is only announcing nine of the ten MFPs. They are: Lady Gaga, Glenn Beck, Tyler Perry, Kate Gosselin, Brett Favre, Adam Lambert, Sarah Palin, Jenny Sanford, and Prince Michael, Paris, and “Blanket” Jackson, who only count as one person, a la Two and a Half Men. Well, this would certainly be quite the cocktail party. Also, Sarah Palin was on the list last year, too.

Who’s number one? We’ll find out when ABC airs the special on Dec. 9. I’d bet good money on Michelle Obama — President Obama held the number one slot last year, and both Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush were named the most fascinating person while their husbands were in the White House. Who’s your guess, PopWatchers? And what do we make of this list?

Photo credit: Donna Svennevik/ABC