EW was lucky enough to be on the scene at MTV studios last night for the live finale of The Hills and The City. The big news of the night was that the network has greenlit new seasons of both series, set to air on MTV in 2010 (The Hills goes back into production in early January while The City begins filming this week). The series’ respective stars, Kristin Cavallari and Whitney Port, chatted with EW about their decisions to continue letting cameras follow their lives. “I’ve had the best time—I really have,” says Cavallari. “I feel like I have the best job! Why not?!” The budding actress also says she’s no longer worried about being pegged as a reality TV star. “It’s like I’m in it now,” she admits. “I might as well keep going [laughs]!”

Meanwhile, the next season of The City will focus much more on Port’s attempt to succeed with her own fashion line. “That’s my reality,” says Port. “It’s where this collection is going to be sold, who we’re going to put it on, what magazines it’s going to be on.” We’ll also, of course, get a peak into Port’s social life and friendships. “Just Rox [Roxy Olin, Port’s best friend and roommate] and I exploring the city together a little bit more and learning who we are.” And don’t forget dating cute boys. Says Port, “Hopefully! I would love that—yes!”