It’s a slow news day. It was either covering this or Suri Cruise’s heels. Snowboarding bulldogs win.

On Jan. 1, Natural Balance Pet Foods will have its entry in the Rose Bowl Parade — a 112-ft. float featuring five bulldogs snowboarding down a 75-ft. ramp, and Dick Van Patten — certified by Guinness as the world’s longest single chassis float. (I’ll admit that this sounded more genius to me when I’d forgotten that Natural Balance Foods is a company Van Patten started 20 years ago.) In a statement to EW, Joey Herrick, president of the company, explained the inspiration behind the float: “Bulldogs love to snowboard, and it is so much fun to watch them in action. Dick’s been an animal lover since childhood, and now he’s got some of the best animal athletes in the country as his sidekicks.”

That is true. One of those snowboarding dogs is Tillman, pictured with a sketch of the float. He’s already in Guinness as the World’s Fastest Skateboarding Dog. You might also remember him from CBS’s 2008 reality show Greatest American Dog (or from my heated recap, “No, Not Tillman!”, the morning after he got the boot).

Does this sound like a memorable float? According to the press release, last year’s float featuring Tillman and Co. skateboarding turned out to be “among the most beloved in the Parade’s history.” What Rose Bowl floats do you still remember?

Photo credit: Natural Balance