By Andy Patrick
Updated December 02, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

True Blood

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Where True Blood is concerned, people make an awful lotta jokes about fresh meat. But this time it seems unusually apropos: The HBO hit’s just added two slabs of beefcake to its season 3 lineup.

Grant Bowler (pictured, right), fondly remembered as Wilhelmina’s lamster lover Connor Owens on Ugly Betty, has been tapped to play Coot, the leader of a pack of werewolf bikers. And Theo Alexander (left), an up-and-comer whose resume is already full of guest appearances (Chuck, Pushing Daisies… ), has been cast as Talbot, the fanged significant other of Denis O’Hare’s Mississippi vampire king, Russell Edgington.

Opinions? You’ve got ’em. I want ’em. And more importantly, Mike wants them, even in absentia. And if there’s one thing we all want, isn’t it seeing that he gets what he wants?

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True Blood

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