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Last night’s episode of 90210 should’ve been called “Revelations” because pretty much everyone— except poor, naive Annie — finally saw what had been lurking all along: the truth…pertaining to their individual dramas, of course. You regular recapper, Jennifer, had the night off, so I’ll fill you in:

Revelation No. 1 The crux of the episode focused on the Jen-Liam-Naomi triangle that — hallelujah — finally got resolved. Self-proclaimed genius Ivy concocted a plan that worked perfectly thanks to Naomi’s love for shiny, pretty things and Jen’s big mouth. Ivy and her posse of Liam, Dixon and Teddy hired an actor to play a waiter at the race track where most everyone was watching Jen’s horse win. The waiter brought Naomi a series of gifts that eventually led her to a room, where she just so happened to hear a conversation between Jen and Liam in which big sis revealed all. I know I said I think Ivy and her Jen-busting posse is corny, but I kind of loved all that planning, especially Dixon’s hefty umbrella-opening task. It was all like a madcap 1950s comedy.

The producers spared us more waiting and let Naomi in on the secret finally. She obviously flipped out, but after wiping away her tears and proclaiming to never want to see Jen again, she wanted to apologize to — and obviously get back together with — Liam. Liam was of course sucking face with Ivy at that very moment, but in the end no one was really happy. Naomi wanted Liam; Liam wanted Naomi; and no one wanted Ivy.

Revelation No. 2 Once the cat was out of the bag, it wasn’t just Naomi who saw things differently, but Dixon, too. His relationship with Annie had taken a major tumble when everyone thought she was a cheating tattle-tale, but once Jen fessed up, Dixon had to apologize. But couldn’t he have apologized before, when Liam told him the truth? Did he really need Jen’s verbal confirmation to know for sure? Either way, they broke the ice and reconciled over talk of Dixon’s turntable set. Sound awkward? Yeah, pretty much.

Revelation No. 3 The exposed love triangle was a light-bulb moment for Ryan as well, who finally found out just how much of a lying psycho Jen is. Dixon filled him in, wisely leaving out Liam’s name, and Ryan looked none too happy, which begs the question: Does this mean no more Ryan, Jen, and/or Jen’s faux British accent? Please say yes!

Revelation No. 4 Perpetual bachelor Teddy realized that there’s an exception to his single lifestyle rule, and that exception is Silver. The two bonded once again on the rooftop hitting tennis balls, but this time they kissed. Silver assumed it didn’t mean anything, but if Teddy’s lovelorn looks throughout the episode meant anything — and they obviously did — he’s totally got the relationship jones for Silver.

Revelation No. 5 After being too high to visit Jackie and Silver at the hospital, go to the funeral or see Navid in the hospital, Adrianna finally gave up her happy pills and decided to go clean. It was Navid’s injury that made her see clearly, so you can imagine how distraught she was when Navid flat-out rejected her. I’m surprised she didn’t suppress her sadness with more pills; instead she flushed them down the toilet. Good for her! That flush worked wonders because during her second visit to Navid, he almost took her back. I guess we know where this is headed.

Revelation No. 6 Speaking of Navid, even with a foggy, post-concussion memory, he, too, had a moment of clarity, and his Converse sneakers were to thank. At first he had no recollection of Jasper pushing him down the stairs, but seeing the almighty shoes triggered a memory of Jasper’s combat boots, and instantly, Navid knew who his assailant was.

Annie seemed to be the only one who didn’t have any sort of realization last night. In fact, it seems like she’s losing her sense slowly but surely. Seriously, who, in the real world, wouldn’t be a little skeeved out by Jasper? Clearly his one sudden burst of anger in the hallway will multiply over the next few weeks and if she doesn’t get suspicious then, she’s a lost cause.

So what did you guys think of the episode? Are you happy that so many loose ends were finally tied? And how do you think this Jasper-Navid story will progress?

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