Put on your thinkin' caps, Mixers: This year's Grammy Nomination Special — the exciting megamix version of what used to be a plain ol' nominations announcement — is airing live on CBS tomorrow night. Who will hear their name called? It's a crapshoot, and only one thing is for sure: We'll be back here arguing about the results on Thursday!

There are several inevitabilities within the field of honorees, starting with the obvious: Seeing as how the Black Eyed Peas, Maxwell, and Sugarland are all slated to appear on the broadcast, it's a safe bet we'll see nominations for all three. (Unlikely to be feted: Nick Jonas and the Administration.) Another safe bet: Taylor Swift. After dominating the CMAs, AMAs, CMTs, VMAs, and every other acronymed ceremony, 2008's Best New Artist nominee (and a performer who actually did walk away from the megamix empty-handed last year) will almost certainly get the chance to finally win something with a fully-spelled-out name. Only real suspense should come in how many nods she gets outside of the country categories — and how long it takes for her to get a MySpace video up documenting her flabbergasted reaction to the news.

We've also now determined that Lady Gaga officially cannot be your Best New Artist, but that doesn't mean she can't pick up plenty of noms for The Fame, above and beyond the dance ghetto where "Just Dance" lost last year. Meanwhile, smart guesses among those who are eligible for the Kiss of Career Death Award™ include Keri Hilson and Owl "Not The Postal Service" City. EW's Simon Vozick-Levinson is pulling for Grizzly Bear as "this year's Feist." I won't be surprised to see the Zac Brown Band filling this year's Lady Antebellum slot — though if the Grammys really wanted to mess with people, they would nominate Darius Rucker.

What about Album of the Year? The field seems even more mainstream-centric than usual, given strong voter-bait showings from U2, Green Day, the freakishly dominant Black Eyed Peas, and the sympathetically-resurgent Whitney Houston. Lots of folks out there are predicting a Maxwell nod; Allen Toussaint seems most likely to receive the Herbie Hancock Memorial Elder Statesman spot. I like the idea of the Decemberists and their epic, ambitious, gorgeously flawed Hazards of Love as a long shot. And no one should rule out Swift. Ever.

What are your predictions, Mixers? Get those picks in now so you can lord it over people when your Brad Paisley-for-Best Album prediction comes true. Tune in tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT for the Grammy nominations special, live on CBS. And then don't forget to watch the actual Grammys, which will also be live on CBS: Sunday, Jan. 31, 2010, at 8 p.m. ET/PT!

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