A few months ago, as All About Steve came and went having revealed more about Steve than audiences could bear, I wrote in this blog about the disservice Sandra Bullock was doing herself, clinging to outmoded girly roles when her talent (and the sunny goodwill she has earned with audiences) could support more serious and more mature characters.

Am I a genius or what? Okay, maybe not. But the great response our Sandy (we can call her that, can’t we, because she’s a star who feels very much one of the people) is getting for her more serious, more mature work in The Blind Side pleases me almost as much as it must be pleasing her. I’m struck by the number of critics, entertainment reporters, and awards number-crunchers who go out of their way to say that Bullock’s performance as a rich, white, exemplary Christian woman who takes in a lost, homeless black teen and nurtures him to success is the best of her career to date.

I don’t even necessarily think it is — she was separately but equally terrific in Speed, and Miss Congeniality, and Crash. Plus, I think what talk there may be of her Oscar chances speaks more to the weakness of the Best Actress field this year (like what else is new?) than to the resonance of the work. But still. I love the votes of confidence this sends Our Sandy’s way, registered by critics, pundits, and ticket-buyers alike.

And now, two questions: First, what other actors, male or female, do you think might benefit from a movie-role makeover, from the young, fun, lightweight type to something more adult and consequential?

And second, aren’t you glad this post isn’t about New Moon?

Photo credit: Ralph Nelson

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