Tareq and Michaele Salahi — the couple Jon Stewart on last night’s Daily Show dubbed “The Real A–wipes of Washington D.C.” — told Matt Lauer on The Today Show this morning, “Our lives have been destroyed.”

Well, we can only hope that’s just a melodramatically exaggerated signal that the Salahis will be denied the fame they seem to seek so shamelessly and desperately. “We were invited, not crashers,” said Michaele.

The couple told Lauer that their appearance at a White House state dinner has been “mischaracterized in the media and other paparazzi forums.” Ha! In one bumblingly inarticulate phrase, the Salahis summarized their dubious triumph: Their story, which due to the underlying seriousness of its creepy reality-TV subtext, has rendered serious media such as The New York Times and other print and online publications extensions of the paparazzi. It’s giving the Salahis their well-dressed moment in the spotlight.

How do they plan to stretch these moments of fame? By telling The Today Show that they can’t go into details about how they were admitted to the White House because they’re “working with the Secret Service” and its “timeline” in investigating them. In other words, our lawyers said to get in front of a prominent camera and then shut up.

But they also assured Lauer that they possess “documentation” that “you’ll get a chance to see,” which the Salahis believe will vindicate them. As the couple sat in a D.C. studio being interviewed by Lauer in New York, the key sentence followed:

“We are looking forward to coming up and seeing you.”

Yep, you can be sure if there’s one thing the self-described “devastated” couple (they sure looked content to me) is looking forward to, it’s getting on camera again.

No word this morning on whether these well-dressed “idiots,” as Jon Stewart called them, are still in contention for a spot on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of D.C. That’s a tricky question Lauer doubtless had to sidestep, since Bravo is part of the NBC corporation. In any case, I’ll take the admission that Lauer elicited from the Salahis — that they’re “sad, devastated” — as a lie that was betrayed by their eager eyes as they gazed lovingly at the camera.

I’ll give Jon Stewart the last word. Note the great guest appearance by Jim Gaffigan as old-school journalistic tut-tutter “Edward R. Brokaw-Amanpour”:

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