Mama Jonas may already have blown this one wide open back in October (gawd. MOM! so embarrassing), but 16-year-old Nick Jonas made the announcement official on his Twitter last night.

While the JoBros take an official four-week hiatus, our young Nicholas will embark on a series of live shows with his new band The Administration, beginning January 2 in Dallas, Texas and wrapping up in Berkeley, California on Jan. 30. Listen to a short sample below:

The band will get its national debut at the Grammy Nominations concert airing tomorrow night on CBS, but don't look for more peach-fuzzed "I just got my learner's permit" dreamboats to be standing behind la Jonas; his Administration bandmates include longtime session men like drummer Michael Bland keyboardist Tommy Barbarella, both onetime members of Prince's New Power Generation.

As for older brothers Joe and Kevin? According to Twitter, they're nothing but happy for him: "So excited about all the upcoming things for Nick and his new side project!" What do you think, Music Mixers—will the trio's youngest member be lovebugged by his sweet taste of solo freedom? Or will he return to the bosom of brotherly love as soon as those 30 days are up?

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