Credit: Jackson: Tom Belcher/Retna Ltd; Spears: Sara De Boer/Retna Ltd

Top engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing have revealed their most popular search terms this year, crowning the late King of Pop the king of online inquiries in 2009.

According to cnet, web traffic worldwide surged 11 percent immediately after his death in June—so much so that Google initially thought it was an attack on its service—and continued for weeks, making him only one of two individual entertainers on their Fastest Rising global searches (Facebook, Spanish social network Tuenti, Twitter and New Moon all came ahead of Lady Gaga in the top 10, though she beat Windows 7).

On Google Zeitgeist’s strictly-entertainment list, Eminem took the no. 3 position, Beyonce no. 5, and Gaga’s “Poker Face” lyrics landed at no. 10, while Amy Winehouse grabbed the booby prize (pun!), taking no. 5 on the Fastest Falling global searches.

Jackson also unseated four-years-running champ turned fifth-place finisher Britney Spears on Yahoo, and helped bump Miley Cyrus out of the top 10 altogether, though she still took the highest spot for most-searched Twitter, thanks to her now-famously-defunct account (Taylor Swift’s tweets grabbed third, behind Lance Armstrong).

What do you think these results say about the Year That Was, readers? Who will storm the list in 2010 (Justin Bieber? Ke$ha? Unknown Idol idols to come?), and who will fall off entirely?

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