Team Lost is keeping mum and staying dark about the contents of the show’s final season, set to premiere on February 2. The producers have even said they would rather not include any footage from the final slate of episodes in promos and advertising. Consequently, the show’s network partners around the world have been forced to come up with creative solutions for touting the show–and Lost‘s Spanish carrier, Cuatro, has set the bar pretty damn high with a just-released promo that’s stirring a buzz storm among fans. It’s so cool, it even caused Lost exec producer Carlton Cuse to tweet a rave via Twitter: “Best Lost promo I’ve ever seen…” If you haven’t seen it, you can check it out below.

So many things I love about this piece, from the ominous narration to the use of special effects to transpose characters like Ben, Locke, Sawyer and Kate from the show onto the chessboard motif. And how about that Four Toed Statue piece, brought down with a proverbial hand of God with so much thunder and shake! The poem definitely evokes the famous season 1 scene when Locke taught Walt about backgammon: “Two sides. Two players. One is light, the other is dark.” (Watch that scene again: not only filled with Jacob/Man In Black resonance, but just really, really, really poignant/creepy/cool.) I could do a big Doc Jensen investigation into the ad–but instead, I’m going to direct you to a Lost fan named Ms. Teri, who has a blog called “Lost For A Reason” and who has just posted a pretty great analysis of the promo and the poem. After you digest her sweet scholarship, come back here and check out my new column, which includes news about the forthcoming Lost season five DVD and some theory about Jacob and MIB. But before you do ANYTHING, answer these two questions: 1. What do you think of Lost’s minimal-to-no-advertising strategy? 2. What do you think of the Spanish promo?