Universal announced today that it will release the Bourne films on “flipper” discs that have Blu-ray on one side and regular DVD on the other. Universal says the discs are aimed at people waiting to upgrade to Blu-ray players or people who have both standard and Blu-ray options in their homes. Yes, the departed HD-DVD did the same thing once upon a time.

Still, sounds good, right? A lot of people hate pulling the trigger for a new format, even if we think, ultimately, that Blu-ray might take over. The idea that we can still put off buying new hardware without screwing ourselves too bad is pretty appealing. Plus it’s priced at $29.98, which makes it a little cheaper than regular Blu-rays, though still more expensive than most DVDs.

The big issue, though, is that people don’t want Blu-ray discs badly enough — they’re still way more expensive than regular DVDs, and it turns out lots of average consumers just don’t care about the better picture quality. Blu-ray still seems like a luxury upgrade, not necessarily the soon-to-be-standard modern format. Will this bridge the gap, PopWatchers? Or have you already crossed over? Is double-dipping the way to go?