In preparation for tonight’s second-to-last episode of this season of The Biggest Loser, I dug into my DVR and watched last Wednesday’s Thanksgiving special The Biggest Loser: Where Are They Now? In some ways, the special had the smug and self-congratulatory feel of a televisual victory lap. Dr. Huizenga stopped by for some lofty moralizing about how The Biggest Loser was saving America. Jillian totally ruined a Michigan State tailgate by pointing out that everything about tailgating is unhealthy. Bob hugged people. Curtis Stone (who?) cooked a healthy meal. A hard-hitting expose this wasn’t. (If you’re interested, this was.)

But Where Are They Now? also had a whole series of vintage Loser success stories, like Renee, pictured. There was Pete (Season 2), who once tipped the scales at over 400, telling us his special rhymed motto: “I feel sexy, strong and great/as I maintain my weight/around 238.” There was Vicky (season 6), who Bob called “The Biggest Gameplayer in the house,” and who described herself as “The most-hated woman in America.” You say gameplayer; I say someone who looks pretty, pretty good (unlike certain past winners).

And there were Matt and Suzy. He came in first in Season Two and she came in third; he proposed to her on the Today show; they now have two kids. (According to the narration, The Biggest Loser has more marriages than any show in reality TV history.) “We’re trying to change our legacy,” Matt explained, so that their kids wouldn’t feel that they were destined to become obese. We saw him participate in the World Championship Iron Man competition. It wasn’t pretty (he finished three minutes over the limit), but it was inspiring.

Who were you excited to see again, viewers? Are you as stoked as I am to see Erik, Season 3’s fallen winner (he’s back up to 368 pounds) seek redemption at this year’s season finale? And did seeing past winners get you excited about tonight’s penultimate episode, or did it just make you yearn for seasons past?

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