I saw this Babies trailer at the movie theater a few weeks ago, and it certainly caught my eye. Based on the opening moments, I had no idea what kind of film it was advertising with two kids banging rocks together — was Roland Emmerich about to destroy their hut with a tidal wave or something? But as I watched the whole trailer, I realized this is a total must-see for me (yes, even over the Internet you can hear the sound of my clock ticking). Babies chronicles the first year of newborns’ lives in Namibia, Mongolia, Japan, and the United States. Adorable babies, farm animals, and perhaps a chance to learn about other parts of the world — what more does a film need? If you got teary during March of the Penguins, this one looks even more awwww-inspiring. Focus Features will release it in April 2010, and the trailer is now online in all its cute glory:

PopWatchers, who else is blown away by the cuteness?