If you’re one of the 200,000-plus folks who picked up Adam Lambert’s debut disc last week (or even if you’re not!), then perhaps you’d like a little more information about the writing and recording process for tracks like “Strut,” “Broken Open,” “A Loaded Smile,” “Whataya Want From Me,” “Soaked,” and “Music Again.” One of those songs was missing a bridge for several weeks, one of ’em had lyrics Adam couldn’t quite comprehend on first listen, and one offered him immediate validation…until it didn’t. To get answers to those little mysteries, check out Adam’s candid, funny, multiple-part interview below. We’ll also get to the bottom of these additional burning questions: Will Adam ever perform on The View? How much did he consider track order, continuity, and his future concert tours when putting the finishing touches on For Your Entertainment? And what’s the main difference between the American Idol season 8 runner-up and a certain artist whose name (sort of) rhymes with Brady Lala? Press play below, and once you’re finished, do follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak! [Related: Adam Lambert rocks Early Show; no one groped. Plus: Kris Allen takes us on a journey into the making of his debut CD!]