Someone old, someone new… HBO is now confirming that True Blood has cast both kinds of characters for season 3.

First up: Marshall Allman, best known as Dominic Purcell’s son on Prison Break, has landed the plum part of shapeshifter Sam’s younger sib, Tommy. If you must, go ahead and launch into your own rendition of “He Ain’t Hairy, He’s My Brother.” I’ll wait.

Ready? Alright then. Shannon Lucio, who on Prison Break was the GATE receptionist who turned out to be an undercover Fed, has been cast as Bill’s wife, Caroline, to whom he never returned after becoming a vamp during the Civil War. (Yes, we originally saw the character in a season 1 flashback played by another actress. This guest spot promises to be a bit more significant.)

So are you psyched about all the new additions to the cast? Or are you worried that they’ll take too much time away from Sookie and Co.? Discuss below.

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