By Andy Patrick
Updated November 30, 2009 at 09:18 PM EST

True Blood

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With True Blood starting production on its third season this week, the spoilers are starting to flow as freely as Type O-neg at Fangtasia! The biggie: Casting is now underway for a role that sounds suspiciously like it can only be that of Sam’s mother!

Debuting in episode 2, middle-aged Melinda Mickens, The Ausiello Files’ sources say, is just about the only character in history who lives in more trash than Oscar the Grouch. And since she and equally filthy hubby Joe Lee share the same surname as Tommy, the character this column’s already reported is Sam’s brother… well, you can do that math, can’t you?

The show is also on the hunt for a knockout to play Crystal Norris, a mysterious beauty who bewitches one of our alpha males. (Figuratively. Um, I think.) She’ll also make her first appearance in the second eppy.

But wait, there’s more…

In that same hour, we’ll flash back to a World War II werewolf dogfight, flash forward again to meet a werewolf biker who likes the look of Sookie’s kibbles and bits, and be treated to the spectacle of Tara smacking down a couple of rednecks who diss the recently deceased.

Alas, poor Eggs.

So what do you think? Juicy enough for you? Weigh in below. (If you don’t, even while he’s on holiday, Mike will know. And he won’t be pleased.)

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