I am a sucker for a Dwayne Johnson kid film. I recently stumbled upon the end of The Game Plan on cable and did not turn the channel. That could explain why I’m loving the trailer for his latest film, Tooth Fairy. He plays the meanest man in hockey, who, after dashing a kid’s dreams, is ordered to serve time in a satin-shirt-and-tights ensemble. Julie Andrews costars as some type of Tooth Fairy administrator, The Office‘s Stephen Merchant as some kind of watcher, and Billy Crystal as some sort of low-budge technology expert (shrinking paste, invisibility spray, Cat Away™, amnesia dust). The film appears to have everything a six-year-old and I need: at least one America’s Funniest Home Videos-style crotch shot (I suspect there will be others) and multiple blows to the head. I’m not saying it’s not predictable, I’m saying that predictable, if done well, can be entertaining and make you wish you had a small child to take to the theater as a cover. Poll!