Patton Oswalt
Credit: Richard Cartwright/Disney

For the record, Sarah Chalke has holiday spirit. She’s expecting her first child, a son, on Christmas Day, and she’s one of the stars of Disney Prep & Landing, the first Christmas special exec produced by John Lasseter for ABC (premieres Dec.1, at 8:30 p.m. ET, right before Chalke makes the first of four guest appearances on the new season of Scrubs). She voices Magee, the North Pole Christmas Eve Command Center Coordinator, who partners with jaded elf Wayne (The Kids in the Hall‘s Dave Foley) with an idealistic rookie partner Lanny (Men in Trees‘ Derek Richardson). Hilarity really does ensue as they prepare a boy’s home for Santa’s arrival, just like it did when EW asked Chalke to name her least favorite holiday song.

“I was actually kicked out of the choir when I was in Grade 5,” she says. “My sister and I, we’re not very musical, so our choir teacher would say, ‘Chalke girls, just mouth the words for this performance.’ And this was not a professional choir, this was all the kids from the class going to the mall and singing. Like, ‘Is it really gonna hurt if you have two people who are not in tune?’ We were so excited about Christmas and excited about this mall performance, so there we were mouthing the words to ‘Here Comes Santa Claus.’ For some reason, that song just really brings that back.And it scarred us for life. The reason I wanted to go into acting was because I wanted to be Eponine in Les Mis, and then that just kind of had to go by the wayside.”

Is there a holiday song for which you harbor a secret, irrational hatred? Because we know you’ll share, we’ll give you a gift after the jump: Chalke’s equally mortifying hilarious answer to the question “What’s the most embarrassing song on your iPod?”

“The most embarrassing song on my iPod is ‘Baby Got Back’ by Sir Mix-A-Lot. And what’s more embarrassing than the song is probably the number of times it gets played,” she says. “For Grad Parent Night in Grade 12, a lot of the kids played violin or did, like, a skill. Ten of my girlfriends and I did a dance to ‘Baby Got Back.’ I know every single word. That’s my karaoke go-to, because I can’t sing anything with any sort of a melody. Not that ‘Baby Got Back’ doesn’t have melody, ’cause it does. I take it very seriously.”

Photo credit: Richard Cartwright/Disney