Do fans of Hoarders call themselves “Hoarders”? Or “Hoarderers”? In any case, the series is back for its second-season premiere tonight on A&E, and it’s an unsettling doozy, about a toothless, stubborn woman in Louisiana named Augustine. Her house is a hoarder-nightmare. The amount of filth, the layers of rotting food, mountains of dirty clothes and kitchen utensils, and the occasional dead animal found crushed in these rooms is truly amazing and appalling (I brought up her teeth because her lost, false set of choppers plays a part in tonight’s episode):

You can read my review of the Hoarders season premiere here. I worry about the emotional damage this angry, suffering woman has inflicted upon herself and her grown children, both of whom interviewed here seem to be intelligent, likable people.

As for Intervention, which begins its eighth season tonight: This has got to be one of the more dramatic entries in the series. It tells the story of Linda, who worked as an extra in Hollywood until her addiction to painkillers ruined her looks and overtook her day-to-day existence.

You can see a scary excerpt from Intervention, an intervention on Linda’s behalf, here.

So I ask you: Will you watch Intervention and/or Hoarders? Do you find these shows depressing, voyeuristic drags, or educational and sometimes even inspiring?