By Tim Stack
Updated November 30, 2009 at 07:24 PM EST

True Blood‘s Ryan Kwanten, who plays the dimwitted but ab-tastic Jason Stackhouse, celebrated his 33rd birthday this past Saturday in Las Vegas. I was unable to attend as I was in a post-Thanksgiving food coma…and then there was the sad fact that I wasn’t invited. Looking at pictures of the event, it appeared Kwanten remained clothed the entire time, a marked difference in the shirt-optional lifestyle embraced by his True Blood character. It made me a little sad because if anyone’s gonna tackle the red carpet half-naked, it should be this Aussie. Below is visual evidence of Kwanten’s golden torso from this past season of True Blood.

Do you agree PopWatchers? Do you have a favorite shirtless Jason Stackhouse memory? How much do you miss True Blood?