By Michael Ausiello
Updated November 30, 2009 at 01:00 PM EST
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Take a good look at HBO’s new poster touting the Jan. 10 fourth-season premiere of Big Love: It may be the last time you see the Henricksons looking this tight.

When we rejoin the family, man of the house(s) Bill (Bill Paxton) will be running for state senator. But the issue won’t be whether he wins but what he stands to lose along the way. “His goal, if he’s elected, is to put himself and his family out there as public polygamists,” says executive producer Marc V. Olsen, adding, “He can’t be impeached for that. Polygamy is technically a misdemeanor in Utah, [and a misdemeanor is not] an impeachable offense.”

Nonetheless, the Henrickson wives’ vote is split in a way that threatens to splinter the entire clan. “Bill’s decision renders major friction within the family,” Olsen teases. “What wives will or will not do to promote that agenda or stop that agenda dead in its tracks [is] a big piece of the season.”

So what do you think of the season 4 poster? And frak, has anybody missed Nicki as much as I have?

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