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There are a couple post-Thanksgiving gifts that would bring a slap-happy grin to my face: stepping on the scale and realizing that I actually lost five pounds, and learning that my two favorite Big Brother contestants were about to participate in The Amazing Race. Some very instinctive fan took a picture of BB 11 winner Jordan Lloyd and her boyfriend, Jeff Schroeder, at the Los Angeles International airport recently and posted it on Twitter. Judging by their attire, the couple is either A) gearing up for a very exciting leg of the race or B) looking a little too precious in their matching T-shirts and backpacks. I’m going to assume the former, since Schroeder told EW last month that he and Lloyd wouldn’t be “opposed” to appearing on another CBS competition show. Sadly, CBS wouldn’t comment other than to say that officially, it won’t announce the cast of the show’s next season for a while. But pictures don’t lie … or do they? An insider reminds me that Schroeder did, after all, swipe a Hawaii trip from Russell the Muscle this summer (though apparently, he cashed it in. Thanks, posters!). Could the couple just be heading off to vacay?

What do you think? Does it look like the BB couple is about to extend their 15 minutes and join the Race? Would you tune in to see if Jordo “pops a boob” again (as Jeff so eloquently said to her last summer)?

Photo Credit: Danielle Varey/Twitpic

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