We would never want to make light of someone’s pain. We just think it’s awesome that variations of the phrase “Happy Gilmore shot” were used 14 times in court papers. Props to The Hollywood Reporter’s THR, Esq. blog for finding this decision, which explains why a man in Nova Scotia is liable for the serious hand and wrist injury he caused his cousin when he beaned him with his running-start “Happy Gilmore shot” at a booze-laden golf bachelor party in 2002. (“He agreed that he did not tell them that he was about to hit a ‘Happy Gilmore.’ The defendant maintained that he can reliably hit a ‘Happy Gilmore’ shot.” “The plaintiff submits that it is ‘completely unreasonable’ to suggest that the defendant could reliably hit a ‘Happy Gilmore’ shot, let alone after consuming at least nine beers and half a pint of tequila.”)

What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever attempted after seeing it done in a movie or on a TV show? It doesn’t have to be as stupid as burning your genitals while simulating a Jackass stunt. It could just be as dumb as spending an hour trying to catch quarters off your elbow like Fonzie’s cousin Angie did in that episode of Happy Days. (You’re going to attempt it now, right? I caught one on my fourth try. Beat that.)