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I’ve always been somewhat of a board game purist. (Evidence: my reaction to Hasbro’s new-ish pimped-out version of Clue.) Yet, I’m not totally against Hasbro’s new SpongeBob SquarePants-centric Operation game, which allows you to dive inside the character and remove his Barnacle Brain, Clammy Hands, and questionably named Patty Pleasure Center. (What kind of game is this exactly?!)

And that’s not because I’m a SpongeBob fan. In fact, I’ve only caught a few episodes during those nights when I’ve had enough PBRs to find myself inexplicably drawn to Nickelodeon. No, I like the concept of the Operation game because it got me thinking about other TV characters I’d like to get inside. (I’ll give you a second to get your mind out of the gutters, PopWatchers!)

For one, I’d love to take a gander inside of Lost‘s Ben Linus, if only to find out whether or not he does have a heart. And who wouldn’t want to extract Liz Lemon’s funny bone from her body in order to implant it into their own?

Your turn—what TV character would you like to Operate on? And what show do you hope Hasbro eventually uses as inspiration for one of its games? I’m still crossing my fingers for an American Idol-inspired Trivial Pursuit, because I need something to show for the 5 million hours I’ve spent ingesting the series.

Photo Credit: Hasbro

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