Just Like You, Allison Iraheta

Just Like You

With 11 different producers for 13 tracks, you’d think 17-year-old Allison Iraheta would need a miracle to create a cohesive debut disc with Just Like You. But nope, the muscular, instantly recognizable growl that carried her to a fourth-place finish on American Idol‘s eighth season is all she needs to seamlessly wed a collection of first-rate ditties, from the relentlessly propulsive ”Holiday” to the ’80s-influenced ”D Is for Dangerous” to the soaring ”Don’t Waste the Pretty.” Meanwhile, ballads like the understated ”Scars” and the bluesy ”Trouble Is” separate Iraheta from questionably abled Miley/Selena contemporaries. Girl. Can. Sang! A-

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Just Like You
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