Donny Osmond on the Vegas performer's never-ending drive

Oct. 25, 1956-May 1, 2009

He belongs up there with Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Diana Ross, and all those who have made such a mark in Vegas. He was the consummate entertainer. Danny and I used to text each other before our shows, passing jokes back and forth, and trying to one-up each other. He always beat me. One time, I did an interview with him for Entertainment Tonight, and he says, ”I’m working on a new voice.” And he sang ”Puppy Love,” trying to sound like me. I found out later that he had worked on it over and over again, even with his band. He would constantly be rehearsing, not resting on his laurels.

Gans died of accidental prescription-drug toxicity in Henderson, Nev.