It’s as much of an annual tradition as turkey, football, and awkward family dynamics — the Thanksgiving weekend TV marathon. With Thursday behind you, why not go to the fridge, get some leftovers, and settle in to that nice groove in the sofa. And look, we’ve already done the hard part for you. Here’s our guide to the best marathon programming for Friday, Nov. 27.

*Bravo is running The Real Housewives of New Jersey all day long. I don’t know why exactly this qualifies as “special” holiday programming since they pretty much air the various Housewives incarnations all the time anyway. But hey, that doesn’t mean it ain’t still tasty. Watch these well-mannered ladies and their tastefully decorated homes…Ah, who are we kidding? Let the catfighting and kitsch begin!

*For a classier (but just as bawdy) bunch of dames, head over to WE for its Golden Girls marathon.

*Nothing will make you feel lazier than spending a whole day watching brawny men risk their lives to catch Alaskan King Crab. That’s right, Discovery is trotting out a mess of Deadliest Catch episodes. So bust out the Slanket and heat up some crab dip. Yummo!

*We would never actually advocate watching E!’s “Kardashiathon“, but we do like the cute name they came up with. Instead, why not check out a much better show from another L.A. hip zip, SOAPnet’s “Chillin’ with Dylan” Beverly Hills, 90210 marathon?

*Thursday’s James Bond marathon over on Syfy continues on Day 2 with Thunderball, From Russia With Love, You Only Live Twice, Diamonds Are Forever, Casino Royale, Goldeneye, Goldfinger, and Never Say never Again.

*Finally, TV Land gets a gold star for its nostalgic block of Sanford & Son episodes. Interesting footnote: When my brother and I were kids, we named our cats Fred and Lamonte. Just saying. Oh, and by the way, best…theme song…ever. I’ll tell you what I’m thankful for this holiday, Quincy Jones!

What will you be watching?

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