Alice Cooper talks about his pie-in-the-face experience with the funnyman

Jan. 8, 1926-Oct. 22, 2009

I lived in Detroit when Lunch With Soupy Sales was on. When I was 6, I would go to school in the morning, come home for lunch, watch Soupy, then go back to school. Later on, he invited me on the show. Getting hit with a pie by Soupy, that’s right up there with getting your star on Hollywood Boulevard. There’s an art to taking a pie. He said, ”You can’t flinch. If a pie hits you out of nowhere, it’s really funny.” You really had to work at not closing your eyes. It was, honestly, one of the most fun things I ever did. Soupy’s show was two-dimensional: It was for little kids, then it had another layer for the adults.

Sales (né Milton Supman) died of cancer in the Bronx, N.Y.