Ashley Greene and Anna Kendrick are attracting fans of their own

By Nicole Sperling
Updated November 27, 2009 at 05:00 AM EST

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

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These New Moon stars are quickly attracting ”teams” of their own.

Dakota Fanning (Jane)
”It’s really Kristen, Rob, and Taylor who should be celebrating. I was just [on set] for a week and a half and got to have so much fun,” says the Hollywood vet, who plays a sadistic Volturi. In reality, the 15-year-old isn’t quite as fearsome. ”I’m hiding from any teacher that would see me on my phone right now,” she says, calling from her L.A. high school the Monday after the film’s gargantuan opening weekend. — Adam Markovitz

Alex Meraz (Paul)
The 24-year-old says he had been doing films ”in a breechcloth on horseback, hooting and hollering,” and saw New Moon as ”one of the first times you see Natives portrayed in a contemporary setting.” The actor (The New World), born in Arizona to the Purepecha tribe, isn’t sure of his post-Twilight plans, but having beefed up to play a werewolf, ”I’m sure every film, it’s going to be like ‘Okay, this is the scene where your shirt gets ripped off.”’ — Kate Ward

Anna Kendrick (Jessica)
”I do my little bit of silliness, and then I go back to my real life,” says the actress, 24, of her recurring role as Bella’s human pal. Kendrick may be the only New Moon-er with even bigger things brewing this year — she’s getting Oscar buzz for her turn opposite George Clooney in Up in the Air (out Dec. 4). ”George teased me,” she says. ”I was shooting New Moon at the same time, and when I came back to set, he’d treat me like a traitor.” Look who’s having the last laugh. — Leslie Savage

Charlie Bewley (Demetri)
Bewley, who makes his acting debut as the sinister Volturi lieutenant, had his first major brush with fans while shooting New Moon in Italy. ”I almost had the shirt pulled off my back,” he laughs. ”And I hadn’t done anything yet!” The 28-year-old Brit had been living in Canada for four years — including two spent snowboarding in Whistler — before he landed the New Moon role. The biggest lesson he learned about playing a vampire? ”The more angelic you look, the more unnerving you are wearing those red contacts.” — Kerrie Mitchell

Michael Sheen (Aro)
Sheen’s 10-year-old daughter introduced him to Twilight, but that didn’t mean she wanted him starring in it. ”She thought her father was taking over something that was hers,” says Sheen, who plays the vicious Volturi leader. The 40-year-old British actor (Frost/Nixon), who’ll play the White Rabbit in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland next March, stood out amid the very young cast. ”They treated me kind of like an elderly uncle,” he says. ”I wanted to be down with the kids, but that didn’t really work out too well.” — Nicole Sperling

Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley)
Spencer plays the stern alpha wolf in Jacob’s new pack. Born to the Lakota Sioux tribe, the 34-year-old — who costarred in the indie movie Skins and the Steven Spielberg-produced miniseries Into the West — was raised in Idaho and Montana, but has lived in New York City the last 11 years. Recently, he established his own production company, called Urban Dream: ”Through this sudden burst of fame, a lot of doors have opened.” — Kerrie Mitchell

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Ashley Greene (Alice)
Let’s just say she can probably quit that job hostessing at the Belmont Hotel in Los Angeles. The 22-year-old Florida native, who plays Edward’s prophetic sister, has seen her confidence — and prospects — as an actress grow in accordance with the size of her role in the Twilight franchise. ”I walk into rooms and talk to directors and producers. I can actually speak to them like a human being and not be terrified.” Next up: the leading role in producer Joel Silver’s 2010 horror film The Apparition. — Nicole Sperling

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

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