No blog this week. I’m having Thanksgiving with the family. Hope you are all having a good holiday and enjoyed the “recap” show.

If you didn’t enjoy it, don’t blame me! I don’t really like them either but sometimes they’re a necessary evil, because…

INSIGHT: In the television world, Thanksgiving evening is a tough night to get people to watch television. So often networks will air re-runs or “specials” and save their original episodes for the following week.

Same thing often happens with Survivor during March Madness when college basketball takes over the airwaves.

We just don’t want any of our loyal fans to miss out on an episode of Survivor. Especially this season with so much great stuff happening.

I hope you’re ready for a great finish. So many questions…

Can Foa Foa continue their run? Or is Galu going to figure out a way to stop them?

How much longer can Russell avoid the vote?

And the big one….

Will Shambo cut her hair for the live show?

Talk next week.