Well, James Franco has completed his first week on General Hospital playing wealthy artist Franco. As I wrote after Franco’s debut appearance, I’m not going to pretend I watch GH regularly; fans can help me out with context in the comments section below, if you like. But I am intrigued by how Franco plays Franco, a one-time poor graffiti artist who’s become rich making art such as mock-crime-scene installations for an art-gallery opening that seemed to last all week on Hospital.

Wednesday’s episode featured Franco only in one character’s fleeting flashback. That hour wheeled in lots of what I presume are old familiar GH characters, gathered to wish fans a happy Thanksgiving. But the rest of the time, Franco delivered a lot of tough-guy romantic dialogue that sums up his character’s philosophy of life.

So I’ve assembled the best of what I’ll call Franco’s Filosophy.

• “The secret to life is, everyone can die at any time… don’t live by rules or boundaries, and take what you want, when you want.”

• “People always think there’s some deep dark secret pushing my soul to create [but] I just like it.”

• “Art is all about the dialectic… the contrast between two opposing forces, life and death.”

• “Any commitment longer than an evening would make me break out.”

Finally, Franco has been playing tonsil-hockey with some blonde named Maxie. In between smooches and mattress sessions, he’s treated her to comments such as these:

• “I’m willing to believe that self-pitying drivel didn’t just emege from your lovely mouth.”

• “Maybe you woke up too many Sundays hating the person in the mirror.”

When Maxie asked whether such pearls of wisdon were how Franco “charms the pants off” his lovers, he riposted, “Your pants are already half way down your thighs.”

“Wow, that’s deep,” said Maxie. “This has to be the worst come-on I’ve ever heard.”

Have you been watching Franco on General Hospital? What do you think of Franco’s Filosophy?