Headphones are the wallet and watch of the gadget world: You never leave home without them, you find one you like and stick with it forever if you’re lucky, and they’re really hard to buy for other people. But if your gadget giftee listens to their jams on a smartphone, headphones with a built-in microphone are a no-brainer, and the Klipsch Image S2m headset with mic is the way to go.

I have Klipsch headphones, and they’re the best I’ve ever used — I’ve hated most other in-ear buds, and I’ve broken countless sets of cheaper pairs. (And…a few more expensive pairs, too. Ugh, those wires need to be stronger!) These have withstood my abuse and then some, plus they sound fantastic and are astonishingly comfortable. And the ear tips don’t fall off in my bag, which had been a major issue with other removable-tip headphones.

These aren’t just headphones, though: They’re specifically for use with a phone, and they’re a far more elegant (and comfortable) solution than the ubiquitous Bluetooth headset. A common complaint among iPhone users, me included, is that the phone part leaves something to be desired, and unfortunately, there’s not an app for that, but there are accessories, and a decent pair of headphones has saved me from phonelessness on many occasions. At $59.99, these are a tad pricier than other options, but, like that wallet or watch, it’s worth it if it’s actually better. And these are better.