We all have that deep dark corner of our DVRs, that bookmarked page on Hulu, those Netflix DVDs we’ve had for months — that show we’ve been waiting to binge on. It’s a long weekend, PopWatchers, and that means it’s time to get caught up on our favorites.

My first order of business is Dexter. I fell way behind on my beloved serial killer this season — Mad Men so thoroughly dominated my Sunday nights, I usually couldn’t handle both. I have four or five collecting dust on my DVR at this point, and I am eager to plow through them.

The other pick? New-comer White Collar. I watched a few episodes on Hulu in the last week or two and am totally falling for. It’s not the best most original or fascinating caper drama in history, but it’s finding its footing and style more and more each week, and its sense of humor and pacing are really starting to work. Plus, I’m as taken with the cast as I’d hoped I’d be.

What are you catching up on, PopWatchers? The Good Wife? FlashForward? Modern Family?

Photo credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime