November 27, 2009 at 03:47 PM EST

Earlier this week I chatted with Bryan Adams about his new song, “You’ve Been a Friend to Me,” which features on the soundtrack to the comedy Old Dogs and was exclusively streamed on the Music Mix. To prepare for our chinwag, I checked out the Canadian singer-songwriter’s website, where I espied some photographs of Pink. This in itself is not so notable—Adams has a side career as a fashion magazine photographer. No, the newsworthy aspect of the snaps is that Pink happens to be, well, topless.

Naturally, once Adams had finished ruminating on the subject of his latest platter, I posed the obvious question: How the hell did that happen? “I just said to her, ’I think that shirt isn’t great,’” recalled the Summer of ’69 singer. “It was said very mildly said at the time: ‘Maybe we should just try to find something else.’ And she said, ‘Listen no one talks to me like that! Not even my husband!’ And off came the shirt.”

So, there you have it! Next time you see Pink, and you want to see more of her, simply diss the singer’s wardrobe choices. Though, of course, there is always the strong possibility that the feisty pop star will punch you in the chest rather than reveal hers.

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