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Chuck (2007-2012)

House preview: Nudity, sex, and (more) Cuddy!
For once, House isn’t making it all about House (Hugh Laurie). In fact, the Fox drama’s Feb. 8 installment is focused entirely on Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein). And I do mean entirely.

”Every other line [of dialogue] is mine,” marvels the underrated actress, whose very own, very special episode chronicles a typical day in the life of Princeton-Plainsboro’s long-suffering taskmistress. ”You see everything she has to deal with, and get a better understanding of where she’s coming from.”

And it’s not just Cuddy’s internal layers that will be peeled off — her external ones will be on display too. Edelstein teases that the hour features ”some sexual activity and partial nudity,” both involving her character’s current beau, Lucas (Michael Weston). ”This is Cuddy trying to have a normal life now that she has a child,” she says of the pairing, which, predictably, has received a big thumbs-down from Huddy fans. House and Cuddy’s ”timing just really sucks,” sighs Edelstein. ”As soon as he was emotionally prepared to give [a relationship a shot], she kind of gave up. But I’m rooting for them.”

If it’s any consolation to fans, the two shared a nice moment off screen, anyway. The day Edelstein’s big episode started shooting, ”Hugh left me a bouquet of flowers and a congratulations note,” she says. ”It was really sweet.” Well, bittersweet, at least.


Smallville pic takes flight
Smallville is about to go where the Superman franchise hasn’t been in nearly four years: to the movies! On Feb. 5, The CW will air Smallville: Absolute Justice, a two-hour TV film that will introduce the Justice Society of America. ”We’ve done big episodes before,” says executive producer Brian Peterson, ”but we’ve never done an old-school superhero origins movie.” In addition to appearances by Doctor Fate, Stargirl, and Hawkman (above with Green Arrow), Peterson reveals that ”we will see glimpses of” several other DC Comics heroes. ”I think [the movie] will be more than what people are expecting.”

Chuck returns with a bang
Now that Chuck has an official return date — the NBC comedy’s eagerly awaited 19-episode third season kicks off Sunday, Jan. 10, with two back-to-back episodes before moving into its regular Monday, 8 p.m. time slot on Jan. 11 — how about some scoop? ”Chuck has new powers this year,” says executive producer Josh Schwartz. ”He can do anything he wants — except get Sarah.” Damn you, new powers!!!

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Chuck (2007-2012)
Zachary Levi is nerd-turned-superspy Chuck Bartowski in Josh Schwartz’s action dramedy
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