Nov. 18 and 25 (8 p.m.) Good grief! Things go awry when Charlie Brown tries to have Thanksgiving dinner but it?s Marcie and the gang…
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Greetings, PopWatching Pilgrims and Indians. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving airs on ABC tonight at 8 ET. My sister and I were so freaking excited about it that we downloaded the special on iTunes and watched it early. We’re cool. Anyway, I wanted to post our Top Five Cutest Moments from the Peanuts Thanksgiving Special before tonight. Let us know if your favorite made the cut.

–Charlie Brown lamenting, “I think I’m losing control over the whole world,” after that nasty athletic sandals-wearing Peppermint Patty informed him that not only were she and Marcy coming over for dinner…Franklin was, too.

–Snoopy getting smashed by the ping pong table, and the epic battle with a Lounge Chair With Human Qualities that followed. ”Little Birdie, can’t your friend do nothin’ right?”

–The entire ”we’re kids, this is all we know how to cook” scene with the buttered toast, popcorn, and what Arrested Development would call “a whole thing of candy beans.” Those crazy trapezoidal toasters are wild.

–Woodstock rubbing his belly delightedly after being served Snoopy’s real Thanksgiving feast. Does a bird eat turkey? Bonus: He’s eating Continental-style.

–After everyone sits down, ice cream sundaes appear on the kids’ table…out of nowhere!

Cheap thrills, guys. Happy Thanksgiving.

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