Redrum backwards spells “sequel.” Thirty-two years after Stephen King’s third novel, The Shining, was published, the prolific horror maestro has announced that he’s considering penning a follow-up.

The Torontoist reported that King dropped the news at a book reading for his new novel Under the Dome moderated by movie director, and brother in horror, David Cronenberg. According to the author, the second novel would center on Danny Torrance, the young boy from the original story with the gift (or curse) of being able to communicate clairvoyantly with ghosts, and who is now an appropriately aged 40-year-old. All these years after being tormented by the spiritual inhabitants of the Overlook Hotel and his father’s alcoholism/homicidal rage, Danny is now working at a hospice using his supernatural powers for palliative purposes. King even offered a tentative title: Doctor Sleep.

King mentioned that he began working on the idea last summer, but that he isn’t entirely committed to writing it quite yet.