Keep seeing ads for ABC’s new Christmas special Prep & Landing, premiering Dec. 1, and find yourself hoping (more than an adult has a right to) that it’s as cute as it looks? Good news: It is. It’s got the heart and charm you’d expect from exec producer John Lasseter and a pitch-perfect voice cast: Dave Foley is an elf named Wayne who, after 227 years on the elite team that prepares homes for Santa’s arrival, gets passed over for a promotion and finds it hard to show the same enthusiasm as his new rookie partner, Lanny (Men in Trees‘ Patrick, Derek Richardson). Scrubs‘ Sarah Chalke is the high-strung North Pole Christmas Eve Command Center Coordinator, who earns her egg nog on a night when Wayne’s attitude and a snowstorm threaten to ruin one child’s holiday.

You can watch the trailer, but I’d like to draw your attention to this clip of Lasseter selling the special. Honestly, if ABC had sat that man in front of a camera and had him tell me why I should keep watching Eastwick, I would have.