New Moon newcomer Jamie Campbell Bower plays Volturi member Caius. EW spoke with the 21-year-old British actor about what it takes to play a vampire, his craziest fan encounter and what powers he wished his character had.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Tell me about what it’s like entering this crazy phenomenon.

JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER: Bizarre. You know it’s funny, we go in and do our job and never really expect anything else, as long as you’re happy with what you’ve done that’s all you really want. And then you do a movie where it has such a huge following and it’s definitely not something I was aware of at the time. I mean I knew of it, but it wasn’t something that was at the forefront of my mind or something that I had experienced yet.

Had you seen Twilight before?

I had, yes. I actually wanted to be involved in the first film. And I read the script for the first one and upon reading the script for the first movie I read all the books. So I had seen both the film, read the script and all the books.

So it’s safe to say you’re a fan?

I’m a hardcore, die-hard fan.

Are you glad you got to play Caius?

I was originally auditioning for the role of Demetri in New Moon, and then they said, “We think you’d be more fitting as Caius.” And I said, “Well that’s very kind of you, I’d love to come along and play him.” And I was aware of the character, I was aware very much of the particularly strong presence the Volturi have in Breaking Dawn.

How did you prepare to play a Volturi?

The thing is it’s not like we’re going in blind to this job. There’s such history, particularly with the Volturi and the animosity they have toward werewolves. So to prepare for it I didn’t do anything particularly special, per se. Michael Sheen talks about having studied the characters that scared him for his character, but Stephenie [Meyer] also writes that Aro has a voice like feathers. It’s picking up things like that that can really help you. And once you get the costume and the makeup and the contact lenses in it all sort of falls into place anyway.

Any memorable fan encounters?

I was given a banana.

A banana!?

I was given a banana in Los Angeles at a Hot Topic signing event. I had tweeted that my leg was shaking. I had a shaky leg and apparently it means lack of potassium and bananas are high in potassium. So, I ate the banana and the twitch subsided.

Have you signed on for the next two installments?

I didn’t do Eclipse, which they’ve finished, but I will hopefully be in Breaking Dawn – that’s where we get to really kick the s*** out of everything.

Who are you closest with on the cast?

Ashley [Greene] or Chris Heyerdahl who plays Marcus. He’s a lovely guy and we have very similar tastes in our comedy and what we like to watch and what we like to read. So we’re kindred spirits on set. But you know, I got along well with everyone.

Anything else we should know about Caius?

He’s doesn’t have any powers. He’s the only bloody Volturi who doesn’t have any powers. God knows why, I need to ask Stephenie that. Maybe he has the power to appear that he’s four centimeters to the left of wherever he is. That’s the power I’d like him to have.

Photo Credit: Kimberley French

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