Credit: NBC

Ah, the Friends Thanksgiving episodes: They’re still some of the most reliably entertaining half-hour episodes the show ever produced.

Of the 10, 5 were good. And 5 were really, really good. These are those five great ones (and warning, the best episode autoplays after the jump):

#5: “The One Where Ross Got High” (Season 6)

Parental expectations and desserts that taste “like feet.” Talk about a match made in heaven.

#4: “The One with the List” (Season 2)

The early days of Ross and Rachel’s will-they-won’t-they hurt so good. Just…don’t make a pros-and-cons list.

#3: “The One with Chandler in a Box” (Season 4)

Thanksgiving episodes are all about people reaching breaking points, and this one had two of the best: Monica’s freakout (“married a lesbian, left a man at the altar, fell in love with a gay ice dancer, threw a girl’s wooden leg in a fire, live in a box!”) and Joey relenting and letting Chandler go after Kathy.

#2: “The One with All the Thanksgivings” (Season 5)

We thought we knew Monica and Chandler’s origin story. But it turns out their love went back further than London — at least, it did on Monica’s part. A severed toe and the classic turkey-on-the-head image in one episode? Bliss.

#1: “The One with the Rumor” (Season 8)

High-profile guest stars don’t always make for good episodes, but Brad Pitt’s turn as the former president of the I Hate Rachel Green Club was a stroke of sheer genius. Also: maternity pants.

Is this giving you the meat sweats, PopWatchers? What’s your favorite Thanksgiving Friends?