While rushing off to the airport to appear on Good Morning America, Dancing With The Stars victor Donny Osmond got on the phone with to talk about his (not-so-surprising) win, his body aches, and how he plans to torture sister Marie with his shiny new prize.

EW: Did you think you would win?

Donny: You always hope you can win. This morning when I got up it was like, it could go any way. Kelly was the fan favorite, but Mya was the better dancer. I was worried, I didn’t know what was going to happen. When Tom called our names, it was a dream come true.

How much do you think Monday’s freestyle dance had to do with your win?

Everything. That was the breakthrough. This whole journey has been up and down, it hasn’t been consistent. Yesterday marked a breakthrough week for us, especially by what the judges said to us. Kym’s concept — everything she did for it — was spot on.

Did you collaborate or did she have it all planned out?

We collaborated. Initially it was her choice. She wanted to do Broadway right from the get-go. But the judges always said, “You are performing too much, get the technique down.” Kym said, “Let’s bring out the performer and do Broadway.” We had the idea of being backstage with the dressing table and all that kind of stuff. We took chances with the gimmicks but there are no rules so we said let’s go for it. That was the breakthrough.

A lot of attention was given to your “old age” even though you are far from the oldest contestant DWTS has ever had. Did the producers goad you into focusing on that storyline? Did you really talk about your age that much?

We did talk about it. It was an interesting story. I am the oldest recipient to receive the mirror ball trophy. I’m almost 52. And I’m not trying to hide it either. It was an angle that the producers were interested in, but it wasn’t the only thing they anchored on.

How do you plan to torture Marie with your disco ball trophy?

Oh I don’t know … I should put it outside her door so when she walks out she will see it [laughs]. I was joking to the press that I should put it on top of my house with a spotlight and a rotating beacon so all of Utah can see! All joking aside, one of the nicest moments for me was when I pulled her out at the very end. There were three things that I’ll always remember…one, when I saw Kym’s face when it was announced that we won, when I pulled my wife out on stage with us and when I pulled Marie out and she got to hold the trophy.

Which part of your body hurts right now?

Everything. I’ve been dancing on a broken toe since week 3.

Besides the week when you got sick, was there ever a time you felt like you hit the wall and didn’t want to go on?

Yes, it was Sunday night. I thought I couldn’t do this. I was lying down and saying I don’t think I can do this. Kym was so determined. She said, “We have to do it one more time.” From the get-go there were a lot of motivating factors to keep you going and one of the biggest ones was that Kym has finished in second twice. This is her first one, she wanted it so badly. That was a main motivation.

Where does this rank in terms of your career achievements?

Right at the top because I don’t think I’ve worked harder for any accolade than I have this one. When you record an album and it goes platinum … yeah, you’re in the studio and you work hard for months, but it’s not like your whole body hurts. Maybe you get a little hoarse and tired. But on Dancing With the Stars, everything hurts.

Settle the debate once and for all: Sequins or fringe?

Definitely sequins, Leave the fringe to the ladies. I’ll take the sequins.

Image credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC