Charles Barkley should have his own line of greeting cards or fortune cookies. The basketball legend and current NBA studio analyst has a unique verbosity that is occasionally wise but always entertaining. (He’s like a super-hybrid of Muhammad Ali and Tom Arnold.) On last night’s Jay Leno Show, he took aim at his “friend” Sammy Sosa, the former baseball player whose skin has noticeably lightened in recent photographs. “If you saw one of your friends and they were a different color, you’d be like, ‘Damn, dude, you a different color,'” Barkley said.

It’s not the first time Barkley has ridiculed his pal’s pigment. Two weeks ago, he even donned “white face” to imitate Sosa’s “skin rejuvenation.”

It’s fair to say that being Barkley’s “friend” has its risks, but my data indicates he makes Jay Leno, basketball, and just about anything 12% funnier. If Michael Strahan has a sitcom, why doesn’t Charles Barkley? You’d watch it, right?