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Question: Are you planning to do an Ask Ausiello this week given the whole Thanksgiving thing? —Jennifer

Ausiello: I haven’t decided yet. Can I get back to you?

Question: There’s a clip making the rounds from the Christmas dinner scene on the Dec. 10 episode of Bones where people are talking about a kiss. What do you know about it? Is it a Booth/Brennan kiss? —Penelope

Ausiello: That’s a really good question. It’s so good that I’m not even going to try to answer it myself. “The Christmas episode is special — it’s Christmas after all,” responds exec producer Stephen Nathan. “But a kiss? With all of the squints and family there? That seems a bit too forward for Brennan and Booth, doesn’t it?” Damn you and your trick questions, Nathan!

Question: Is it true that Daniel Eric Gold who plays Matt on Ugly Betty will only be appearing in four more episodes after the Bahamas episodes and then he’s gone? —Hannah

Ausiello: I can confirm that Matt will be making a departure in early 2010. Beyond that, my lips are sealed.

Question: Got any scoop from Big Love‘s season 3 premiere on Jan. 10? —Meredith

Ausiello: I’ll do you one better. I have a scoop about the season finale in April. Exec producer Mark V. Olsen tells me that the new lobbyist character plated by Sissy Spacek “will make a dramatic gesture [in the finale] that will spin the show off for another couple of years. What she is going to do to the family is that big.” BTW, Big Love‘s new season 4 promo just made its way onto the Interweb!

Question: I need to know if there is still hope for House and Cuddy this season. —Jaden

Ausiello: There’s still hope. And that’s all you’re getting out of me.

Question: I’m feeling pretty down about House and Cuddy these days. Any chance there is even a tiny bit of good news ahead for Huddy fans? —Megan

Ausiello: There is good news ahead. And that’s all you’re getting out of me.

Question: More on Scrubs! Will Carla be a series regular? —Dinana

Ausiello: Forget series regular — she won’t even be a guest star. Judy Reyes declined an invitation to make occasional appearances on Scrubs 2.0. According to Bill Lawrence, Reyes was only interested in returning if it was on a full-time basis — something that, creatively, he couldn’t make work. “It was hard for us to wrap our head around why a nurse would be spending so much time around med students,” explains Lawrence, who insists he harbors no hard feelings towards Reyes. In fact, he plans to reach out to her again in hopes that “she’ll change her mind.”

Question: Any Dollhouse news? We only have nine episodes left! —Lindsey

Ausiello: I better get this out there quick then! English actor Adam Godley (The X-Files: I Want to Believe) has been cast as Clyde, a genius who holds secrets to the dollhouse. The role is potentially recurring. Or as potentially recurring as one can be when the show only has nine episodes left. Speaking of which, here’s a handy clip-n-save rundown of how D’house‘s remaining episodes will be burned off air.

Dec. 4: two episodes

Dec. 11: two episodes

Dec 18: two episodes

Jan 8: one episode

Jan 15: one episode

Jan 22: one episode (series finale)

Question: Is Warrior Angel really going to be a love interest for Chloe on Smallville? —Claire

Ausiello: He is, but per exec producer Brian Petersen, “There’s a wink behind it.” And what about a real, non-winky love interest? “I have promised that we’re going to give Chloe a relationship this year, and rest-assured, that was not just a tease. She will have a relationship this year.” Does this guy have a name? Teases BP: “We’ll know [who he is] in ‘Warrior.'”

Question: Will we be meeting any other Justice Society members in Smallville: Absolute Justice other than Hawkman, Dr. Fate and Stargirl? —Mike

Ausiello: Yes. According to e.p. Brian Petersen, “we will see glimpses of” several others. Guesses? Head to the comments!

Question: Two weeks without any tips for my favorite show is way too long for me. What can you tell me that I don’t know about the remaining Gossip Girl episodes before the super-long three-month hiatus. And I already know Bart is coming back, so give me something new. —Sylvie

Ausiello: In next week’s eppy, it’s Thanksgiving Day! If you’re Serena, you’re especially thankful this year because you’ve had two not-so-bad-looking dudes pining after you. This Monday, she makes her choice and leaves her reject by the curb, literally.

Question: You’ve been really slacking on the Gossip Girl scoop, any exciting news? – JLa

Ausiello: Also in next Monday’s episode, someone finds out they’re pregnant. That’s considered “exciting news,” right?

Question: I need Gossip Girl info. —Jude

Ausiello: Hey, Jude, here’s what I got: You know the letter from Serena’s dad that Lily has been hiding? It’s going to fall into the wrong hands. (Hint: Said wrong hands belong to *a****n.)

Question: Thanks for all of the great news about Chuck and Lost. All of this plus you appreciate Santa Barbara, Smurfs, and constantly give incredible scoop. Thanks so much for being you. Any chance you have White Collar scoop? —Jennifer

Ausiello: After all that ass-kissing you just did? You bet I do. In the upcoming Dec. 4 midseason finale, our partners in crime-solving are called onto the case of a missing diamond, only to find Neal at the top of the list of suspects. The winsome swindler tries to clear his name and, in a shocking reveal, finds out he’s not the only one that’s been good at lying. Now tell me what else you like about me.

Question: Glee! Scoop! Now! Thanks! —Elizabeth

Ausiello: Coming! Right! Up! In next Wednesday’s eppy, Will gets in a bind when some surprising news at home causes him to accidentally disqualify the New Directions from Sectionals. Of course, the following episode is titled “Sectionals,” so you can probably figure out whether or not it works itself out. You can, right?

Question: I need Glee scoops! I’m hungry for some info on upcoming couples! —Connor

Ausiello: Brace yourself, ’cause Mark Salling (a.k.a. Puck) says he’s heard “talk” of some surprising romantic pairings. “I have read posts and stories about all kinds of pairings fans are hoping will happen on the show,” he says. “For instance, people have been asking for a Mercedes-Puck hookup. I hear people want Puck and Artie because they want to Partie. And Finn and Puck. I think that one is pretty popular in certain neighborhoods. I can’t say never, but Puck is such a dude that I am not sure how that one would ever come to pass. Maybe a dream sequence of Kurt’s?” Of those options, I think I’m kind of loving the idea of a Partie. Anyone want to join me?

Question: Any scoop on what’s coming up for Glee‘s Puck in the near future? —Rachel

Ausiello: Mark Salling would like to see his alter ego grow up a little — emphasis on a little. “Hopefully, Puck will continue to develop and mature,” he says. “I think he is trying to figure out how to do the right thing. He was a total douche in the beginning of the show and he has worked himself up to half-a-douche status. I never want him to be fully cured of his douchiness, though, because that would be no fun to play. I like him being a little mean and rebellious.”

Question: You can’t be serious with this column. People actually care about TV characters and what’s coming up next? —John

Ausiello: Erm, yes, John. But what they really look forward to is when somebody takes the time out of their busy and important day to try to make them feel stupid about grasping at diversions in our fast-paced and cold-hearted world. So, on behalf of all of us, thanks for that. Now then, did you want your usual Tru Calling scoop?

Question: Can you please give us some Danny and Lindsay scoop on CSI: NY? —Chrissi

Ausiello: I can’t, no. But exec producer Pam Veasey sure can. “Danny and Lindsay remain the happily married parents of Lucy,” she says. “The only hint of problems [result] from the few unexpected moments of back pain Danny experiences — [remnants] of his gunshot injury and temporary paralysis. He keeps this secret to himself for awhile.”

Question: Any way you could make a calendar for us of all the winter premiere dates — both of new shows and returning shows? It gets confusing! —Tracy

Ausiello: Gosh, that sounds like a lot of work. How about I meet you halfway: I’ll mull it over for a minute and then get distracted by something and forget all about it. Deal?

Question: I’m curious if you have any good Jackie-centric scoop for Season 2 of Nurse Jackie. I can’t keep waiting until next summer! —Monty

Ausiello: The premiere in March won’t pick up immediately where season 1 left off. “Some time has passed,” says a Jackie insider. On the casting front, Harvey Fierstein has signed on to guest star in one of season 2’s final episodes. He’ll play the partner of an All Saints patient.

Question: Please tell me that Monk will finally figure out who murdered his beloved Trudy by the end of the series. —Rebecca

Ausiello: Yes, he will find out. But the identity of her killer is only half the story. In this Friday’s penultimate episode, we’ll discover that her death was tied to a bombshell secret. That secret will be revealed in the series finale on Dec. 4.

Question: Is there any further scoop you can give on the Monk finale? Will Sharona be in it? —Cassie

Ausiello: She’s not physically in it. But she’s very much a part of it.

Question: Do you know if Supernatural is planning anything big for episode 100? —Nicole

Ausiello: All I know is what I read here.

Question: Now that it’s returning in January, Chuck me, spoiler God! —Scott

Ausiello: Chuck co-creator Chris Fedak confirms that Anna Wu will be MIA during season 3’s first 13 episodes, but there’s a chance she could pop up in the last six. “We’re still [writing the last] six episodes, so I don’t have anything first on that,” he says. “But I would love for Anna to come back.” Fedak adds that Julia’s absence at Buy More will be referenced early in the season.

Question: There’s a $5 tuna foot-long with you and Mister Scooch’s names on it if you can give me any Chuck updates. —Jen

Ausiello: Can you make my half a veggie? If so, you’ve got a deal. Chris Fedak says the six additional episodes that NBC recently tacked on to Chuck‘s season 3 total created an interesting storytelling challenge. “[We were faced with] the problem of either expanding the story we’re telling or taking the story and telling it more slowly. And what we essentially decided to do was tell more story. So we’re looking at the six episodes that have been added on as Chuck season 3.2.”

Question: Can we get more info about who House will get a job for at Princeton-Plainsboro? —Abby

Ausiello: I have written about this person in the past two weeks.

Question: Darling, you’re viciously ignoring a fabulous show — Dexter! Care to redeem your fabulous self and dish? —Tina

Ausiello: Are you channeling Miss Piggy or Alexis Carrington? Either way, I like it! Re: Dexter, I hear there’s a big breakup coming.

Question: Count me among those fans not happy about the Barney-Robin split on How I Met Your Mother. Is Barney just going to return to his old womanizing ways? —Gerald

Ausiello: Exec producer Carter Bays insists Barney is a changed man as a result of his short-lived romance with Robin — just don’t expect to notice any of those changes right away. “Barney’s a lot like the economy,” he says. “You can pass a stimulus package, but it will take a while to take effect. But he’s definitely affected by it. It’s definitely changed him.” Any hints as to what those changes will look like? “I probably shouldn’t say,” he hedges. “But in the second half of the season, there will be some events coming up that sort of bring that to light.”

That’s a wrap! Ask Ausiello will be on hiatus next week as the column undergoes routine maintenance. Okay, I’m taking a few days off. Don’t worry, there will still be lots going on in my blog, there just won’t be an AA next Thursday. No guilt trips, please. I’m going to get enough of those tomorrow at dinner. Speaking of which, Happy Thanksgiving to Ausholes one and all. As always, send questions/comments/anonymous tips to! (Additional reporting by Kate Ward, Aubry D’Arminio, Carrie Bell, and Keith Staskiewicz)

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